Sintered Stone processing equipment

3200 Rock plate cutting and grinding 45-degree machine

The characteristics are as follows:

■ Easy to install: No infrastructure is required, and the whole machine is installed and used directly.

■ Dedicated by special machine: The hedge is 45 ° cutting for 45 °, which can ensure the quality of processing.

■ Excellent performance:

(1) The servo transfer mechanism, the knife is stable and can be processed by sharp corners;

(2) Walking device adopts a double -line slide rail and gear shift structure, High -speed precision;

(3) Large processing range: width from 40mm to 3200mm;

(4) Byrastinating design to ensure that it is not easy to run during the processing of rock plates. The product does not collapse;

■ Simple operation: CNC fully automatic, safe and convenient operation;

■ Stable operation: The structural design of specific functions is more stable and durable.

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