Sintered Stone processing equipment

3200x1600 Rock plate four-axis CNC bridge cutting machine

1,With the function of the original edge positioning of 90 degrees, it is convenient to retain the original edge for the processing of the rock plate.

2, configuration with one-key multi-specification continuous cutting function programming software, simple and easy to learn.

3, the knife head can be rotated 90 degrees, so that the longitudinal and transverse cutting can be freely converted.The cutting platform can be turned vertically from 0-85 degrees, which is convenient for manual board or board board, effectively solving the difficulties of large plate processing in conventional models.

4, the operating system is simple and easy to use, using the imported linear guide rail, high-speed and stable, safe and reliable. infrared positioning knife cutting, intuitive and accurate. for the plate cutting adjustable blade speed cutting, not hurt the surface of the rock plate, not off the bottom, not collapse edge. cutting the maximum cutting speed can reach 4.5m / min, processing efficiency has a better improvement, is the first choice for the background wall and table equipment.


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