Do your best to make it possible

May 10 , 2023

urrently, with the increasing production capacity of large-sized ceramic tiles and rock slabs, it is particularly crucial to convert them into terminal applications through high-quality processing equipment solutions.


Faced with this situation, the owner of Aitao Electromechanical not only makes efforts in equipment research and development and production within the enterprise, but also seeks answers from the overall layout of the industry through in-depth learning and communication with upstream and downstream enterprises. They are determined to do their best, make every possible, and use high-quality processing solutions to complete the final processing and application of ceramic tiles and rock slabs.


On October 15th, Bao Jiejun, former Chairman of Oushennuo and Dean of Guiran Academy, as well as Wei Junzuo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Foshan Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, and a delegation visited the company, pointing out that the application properties of large-sized rock slabs determine the importance of back-end processing, and the development of processing equipment is the key to solving current production capacity congestion;


On October 21st, the leader of Xinmingzhu Group, Jian Runtong, and his delegation visited Aitao Electromechanical for inspection, fully affirming the various performance of Aitao equipment, highly praising the design of Aitao Electromechanical's rock plate automation whole line equipment, and providing valuable opinions on the development and application of future rock plate processing equipment;


On November 5th, a delegation led by Foshan Ceramic Industry Association and Ceramic Industry Leaders visited the company under the leadership of Dr. Yin Hong, Secretary General of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, to inspect the production situation of rock plate deep processing equipment. During the exchange meeting, Dr. Yin Hong pointed out that details determine success or failure, and rock plate post processing is very important. It is difficult to lay and level the rock plate as a whole, requiring professional technical and professional equipment.


On December 10th, the marketing team of Jinyitao Company visited and had a detailed understanding of various equipment and processes for rock plate processing at the Aitao Rock Plate R&D Center. They also had in-depth discussions with Ding Jiansheng, Chairman of Aitao Electromechanical, on the end market situation and provided many positive suggestions, such as how to solve the cracks caused by the application release of processed parts in product pasting, the speed of straight edge cutting, and the efficiency of finished products, Especially in the absence of fixed standards in the current market, how to work together to develop high-quality internal control standards for processing will have a profound impact on the subsequent development of Aitao rock plate processing equipment and even in promoting the development of the industry.


Throughout the second half of the year, in order to better seize opportunities and align with market development, Chairman Ding Jiansheng led the company's R&D team to delve into various rock panel processing and accessory suppliers in various regions. With keen market perception and strong judgment, he created an overall solution for Aitao rock panel processing and made breakthrough progress in application implementation.

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