Sintered Stone processing equipment

3200x1600-3 Axis Bridge Type CNC Sintered Stone Cutting Machine

The characteristics are as follows:

■ Easy to install: No infrastructure is required, and the whole machine is installed and used directly.

■ Dedicated by special planes: The dedicated to cutting the rock plate is better to ensure the quality of processing.

■ Excellent performance:

(1) The servo transfer mechanism, stable knife;

(2) Walking device adopts a double -line slide rail and gear shift structure,High -speed precision; 3m plate cutting error is within ± 0.2mm

(3) Large processing range: 3200x1600x20 (mm);

(4) Double -knife head structure, cut straight, the product does not collapse

■ Simple operation: CNC fully automatic, safe and convenient operation;

■ Stable operation: The structural design of specific functions is more stable and durable.

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