Ceramic processing equipment

5-head belt type 45 degree chamfering machine


The 45 degree chamfering machine for rock panel and stone processing is a new type of equipment designed for 45 degree chamfering and diagonal groove pulling. It can achieve high-quality 90 degree seamless splicing, with simple operation, fast speed, and good results.



  1. The 45 degree cutting machine adopts a customized 7.5KW motor and uses Ø 210 blades for cutting;
  2. Two upper and lower pressure beams and two conveyor belts are used;
  3. Rocker arm control box structure, easy to operate;
  4. The auxiliary beam is made of aluminum alloy to prevent rusting and provide better stability;
  5. Use one 45 degree cutting and two 45 degree grinding edges to achieve better machining results with 45 degree edges;
  6. The belt of the auxiliary beam adopts a small belt to ensure synchronous operation and facilitate replacement;
  7. The pressure beam adopts electric lifting, which can be adjusted according to data;
  8. The final motor is designed with a groove in the middle of the 45 degree side for easy and more sturdy bonding;
  9. The 45 degree chamfering machine has a brick entry position with a front and rear shelf for easy placement of boards:

Host specification 3500x1500x1350mm, total power 21.7KW