Ceramic processing equipment

8 and 1 floor stone tile cutting and edge grinding production line

SJDQ-1/1000 Cutting Machine

1. Using two 6+6mm professional cutting flat belts for conveying, with a belt width of 400mm; Variable frequency speed regulation, with an installed power of 1.5Kw.

2. Equipped with 1 set of blade assembly

3. The sawing surface is cut using a 4Kw motor, and the sawing bottom is cut using a 5.5Kw motor with a saw blade diameter Φ 250; Electric lifting adjustment of the cutting head, with an installed power of 0.55Kw

4. The cutting head is placed behind the cutting head, and pneumatic brick cutting can be manually adjusted left and right

5. The entrance is equipped with a centering device

6. The exit is equipped with a top breaking device, which uses four 7x450 flat belts for transportation, variable frequency speed regulation, and an installed power of 1.1Kw.

7. Approximate overall dimensions (length x width x height/mm): 3850x2200x1600

8. Total power (Kw): 13.6

W600/8+1+1 Edge Grinding Machine

1.Pressure wheel structure, pneumatic lifting adjustment

2.Conveyor belt specification: 300mm wide

3.Working width: 150-600mm

4.Equipped with 8 sets of 4Kw edge grinding assemblies and 1 set of 1.5Kw pneumatic chamfering assembly.

5.Randomly equipped with diamond grinding wheels and resin chamfering wheels.

6.Conveyor belt speed (m/min): 11-33

7.The main transmission adopts variable frequency speed regulation, with an installed power of 4Kw.

8.Belt type brick stopper, installed power 0.55KW

9.The working width is electrically adjustable, with an installed power of 0.37KW.

10.Total power (Kw): 38.4