Sintered Stone processing equipment

ATS-3 2400 numerical control cutting machine

The characteristics are as follows:

■ Easy to install: No infrastructure is required, and the whole machine is installed and used directly.

■ Various functions: CNC fully automatic cutting, grinding, multi -functional integration.

■ Excellent performance:

(1) 3 knife head cutting, the first knife slot, the second knife is cut to half of the thickness, and the third knife is cut off, so that the product processed by this machine can achieve the effect of the original edge;

(2) CNC automatic regulating gas pressure baffle design can automatically adjust the position of the baffle according to the processing requirements to ensure that the tiles and rock plates are not positioned during processing, and cutting is more accurate;

(3) The folding design of the outer support beam can effectively hold the large board to better ensure that the corner cracking cannot be cut off. When the large board is not cut, you can put down the beam and use the space to use more.

(4) Large processing range: width from 100mm to 2400mm.

■ Simple operation: CNC fully automatic, safe and convenient operation.

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