Water jet cutting machine

Five axis and three axis dual head CNC water jet cutter

Double head water jet refers to a machine equipped with two cutting heads, one 5-axis cutting head and one 3-axis cutting head. Two heads each have different functions, and one head can be used separately according to processing needs. This configuration also has the ability to simultaneously cut two identical parts.

Double headed water jet, two heads performing the same cutting work trajectory. Especially when cutting large quantities of parts, when the dual pump operates under higher pressure, it can obviously shorten the cutting time, achieve faster cutting speed, and have a higher return on investment. Compared to a single head machine, using two cutting heads and a double head water sweep cutting machine can significantly improve productivity. It allows for parallel cutting, which means that two parts or paths can be cut simultaneously, thereby reducing overall cutting time and improving efficiency.

The double head water jet cutting machine can cut almost all materials and is used for cutting in many industries (such as stone, ceramic tiles, glass, metal, etc.)

Double head water cutting machines are widely used in various industries. The dual cutting head and increased productivity make it suitable for various cutting tasks.

Precision Metal Cutting with Waterjet TechnologyWaterjet cutting for special materials

Main Features

1. The AC five axis cutting head can be used separately to cut materials that require chamfering, and the processing efficiency is the same as that of a single head AC five axis water jet cutting machine.

2. Three axis CNC cutting heads can be used separately to vertically cut the required materials, and the processing efficiency is the same as that of a single head three axis CNC water jet cutting machine.

3. It can simultaneously cut two materials with the same trajectory, doubling the processing efficiency. There is a better return on mass production of materials of the same shape, or cutting double hole table panels.

4. Customization can be made according to different cutting needs, with different specifications of cutting platforms and high-pressure systems under different pressures.

5. The CNC operating system developed by Aitao in collaboration with major brand companies is more stable, simple, and easy to achieve personalized cutting.

6. A machine with multiple functions to easily meet more different cutting needs.


Waterjet cutting machine distributors




Equipment parameters


Waterjet cutting machine distributors




* Stone/Ceramic industries such as used for countertops, art puzzles, flooring Inlays and mosaics.

* Glass industry , such as bathroom glass, shop window glass, automotive glass and appliance glass.

* Metal industries such as Decoration, decoration in the stainless steel and other metal cutting process, equipment cover cutting, Cutting of metal parts.

* Gasket Cutting

* Foam Product Cutting.


Waterjet cutting machine distributorsWaterjet cutting machine distributorsWaterjet cutting machine distributorsWaterjet cutting machine distributors




Main Equipment Description

cutting platform specifications


AT4020 : 4000x2000(mm)

Cantilever cutting platform specifications:

AT2515:2600 x 1600(mm)  AT3015:3100 x 1600(mm)

Cutting accuracy: ± 0.1mm

Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.05

Moving parts: Taiwan "ABBA" or "TBI"

Linear guide rail/ball screw "oil bubble type

X-axis running speed: 0-5000mm/min; 1.5KW

Y-axis running speed: 0-5000mm/min; 1.5KW

Z-axis running speed: 0-1000mm/min; 0.40KW

A-axis rotation angle: ± 70 degrees; 0.20KW

C-axis rotation angle: infinite; 0.20KW

Control System


Control system:CNC driver;

Industrial control computer; JAWJ cutting software (NC Studio V-9.38)

Based on Win7 32-bit, genuine Shanghai Naikai Ncstudio

Operation interface: Chinese/English can be switched freely

Z-axis stroke: 110mm

Centralized lubrication system makes machine tool operation more reliable

Servo motor: Weizhi AC servo

Power supply: 220V/380V/50HZ

High Pressure Pump

                                  Waterjet cutting machine distributors





Max.pressure :(Mpa)




Long time working pressure:(Mpa)




Intensifier ratio :(L/min)




Max.flow rate :(L)




Inlet pressure :(Mpa)




Max.rifice size :(mm)




Max.pump flow :(L/min)




Max.pump pressure : (Mpa)




Max.pump pressure : (L)




Power supply : (Kw)




automatic sand supply system

The automatic sand supply system uses air pressure to deliver sand from the water knife to the cutting head

Inside the small sand bucket, which reduces the labor intensity of operators, and there is no need to stop the machine when adding sand,

Improved work efficiency and reflected the automation level of CNC water jet knives.

Introducing international advanced technology and designing according to international safety standards, ensuring safety and reliability.



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Water Jet Software


Brand: Weihong

Original: China

A mature motion control solutions,  to solve the high pressure water jet taper, towing and other technical problems, and realize perfect dynamic five-axis cutting,

Easy to operate and to learn.




To produce high pressure water continuously.

Main parts come from Ashcroft, USA.

Stable performance and operation


Main Motor 


Produced by: Siemens

Original: China

Power: 37 kw

Efficiency: 92.7%

To generate motion energy throught electtical energy for high pressure pump.



Elec-magnet Valve


Brand: Yuanhong

Origin: China

Indicate and change advantage



Servo Motor


Brand: Weihong

Origin: China

Nr of revolutions: 0-1500 rpm

Drive X axis moving accuracy and reposefully.


Laser Sensor


Brand:  Weihong

Original: China

Automatic scanning precision altimeter function, ensure the knife head distance workpiece surface constant.





AC Five Axis Cutting System


The Aitao five axis water jet cutting system has added an A-axis (winding) on top of the standard three axis (XYZ)X-axis rotation) C-axis rotation (around Z-axis rotation) can achieve large angle deflection, with a maximum deflection angle of up toThe travel of the 75 Z axis is equivalent to that of a standard water jet.

There Axis Cutting System


The 3-axis water jet not only controls the X and Y axes, but also the lifting and lowering of the Z axis is controlled by CNC. It can run a tool path with Z-axis control to cut workpieces with uneven surfaces.


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Waterjet cutting machine distributors


Waterjet cutting machine distributors
Waterjet cutting machine distributors
Waterjet cutting machine distributors
Waterjet cutting machine distributors
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