Automation equipment and ceramic tile packaging production line

Large plate packaging production line

1. Packing specification: L600-1800 / W600-900mm,

2. Packing speed: 8-10 pack / Min (in 600x600 tiles) 8-10 pack / Min (in 800x800 tiles) 8-10 pack / Min (in 600x900 tiles) 8-10 pack / Min (in 600x1200 tiles) 6-9 / Min (750x1500 tiles) 6-9 / Min (in 800x1600 tiles) 6-9 / Min (900x1800 tiles)

3. tile thickness: 6-20mm

4. Packing method: open bottom wrapped paper leather half wrapped Angle six-core binding

5. Pletizing mode: robot palletizing (four-axis robot or six-axis robot purchase)

6. Refurbishment machine

7. Feature: one key to switch specifications

8. tile entry method: short side transverse tile entry Scope of application: all kinds of thick tile, all cast glaze, antique tile

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