Automation equipment and ceramic tile packaging production line

PGP1204 Scraping and thickness setting machine

1) Equipped with 4 sets of drum scraper assemblies.

2) The entire machine adopts digital size adjustment and calibration, making it convenient and fast to convert specifications.

3) The scraping assembly adopts electric lifting, with a lifting motor power of 0.55Kw. The motor power of the scraper assembly is 22.0Kw.

4) One 9mm ceramic machine dedicated four layer canvas belt with anti slip and wear-resistant layer flat belt is used for transportation, with a belt width of 1300mm.

5) Conveyor belt motor power: 4.0KW

6) A slag flushing water pipe device is installed before and after the cutting head.

7) The rack is equipped with a SUS304 material protective cover;

8) Approximate overall dimensions (length x width x height/mm):8700x3000


9) Total power approximately (Kw): 94.2