Automation equipment and ceramic tile packaging production line

PHQ1203 Horizontal Cutting Machine

1) Adopting a 7+6 cutting special composite flat belt for transportation, with a hard tooth helical gear reducer for variable frequency speed regulation, and an installed power of 4Kw.

2) The conveying speed is 6-9M/min, and the belt conveyor is designed with anti deviation (edge blocking) structure, and there is a belt tension structure in each section.

3) The longitudinal cutting circular saw machine spans above this conveyor, and the conveyor inlet is equipped with a bilateral pneumatic centering device.

4) The transmission reducer adopts a chain coupling connection, which has high transmission efficiency and is sturdy and durable.

5) The transmission bearing adopts TR brand.

6) Equipped with 1 set of circular saw cutting assembly.

7) The entire machine adopts digital size adjustment and calibration, which is convenient and fast.

8) The circular saw cutting assembly adopts electric fine adjustment lifting and electric translation. The translation adopts an encoder to accurately control the dimensional accuracy. The cutting spindle adopts 40Cr quenching and tempering treatment, and the surface is electroplated with hard chromium for precision grinding. Multi wedge belt drive, motor power 7.5Kw, lifting motor power 0.55Kw, translation motor power 0.55Kw.

9) Cut the inner hole of the saw blade by 60mm and the outer diameter by 500mm.

10) Approximate overall dimensions (length x width x height/mm): 7000 x3500x1700

11) Total power approximately (Kw): 13