Automation equipment and ceramic tile packaging production line

Plate Ceramic Membrane Finished Product Cutting Machine

This equipment is used for dry cutting of aluminum oxide thin plates, with automatic lifting

and lowering of left and right widths and cutting heads.

  1. Working width: 0.6-1.2M adjustable;
  2. Cutting high-speed motor: Huasong motor 5.5KW-2 sets, at 50HZ, 2800R/MIN;
  3. Belt motor: CH50-250-3KW (Taibang gear reducer)+Yaskawa variable frequency regulation;
  4. Knife head lifting motor: Taibang worm gear reducer NMRV050-80.55KW-2 sets;
  5. Left and right adjustment motors: 2 sets of Taibang worm gear reducers NMRV050-80.55KW-2;
  6. Cutting speed: 3-6M/MIN adjustable;
  7. Cutting disc: diameter 230MM (vulnerable parts, one set is randomly delivered. After wear, the buyer will replace it themselves);
  8. Conveyor belt: W1500 wide, 6+6 belts;
  9. Compression structure: equipped with manually adjustable compression wheels next to the blade;
  10. Push plate mechanism: Install a set of push plate mechanisms at the entrance of the cutting machine to prevent the product from entering diagonally
  11. Pulse bag dust removal
  12. Number of filter bags: 48; Total filtration area: 24m;
  13. Gas consumption: 0.37M3/MIN; Equipment (provided by the customer):
  14. Filter bag wind speed: 1.2-2.0M/mIN. Fan model: 4-72-4A-5.5KW;
  15. Control system: separate electrical cabinet, 10 inch touch screen control;
  16. Installed power: 5.5X2+0.55X2+0.55X2+5.5=18.7KW.
  17. Cutting accuracy: 250 * 1000MM is+0.5MM; 145 * 600mm is+0.25MM
  18. Cutting capacity: conveyor belt speed ≥ 3M/MIN
  19. Cutting width: 100MM to 1100MM electrically adjustable

Explanation: This equipment is not a standard customized equipment, and the above

parameters are case parameters. The actual production is subject to the order