Ceramic processing equipment

Single blade dry cutting single edge 45 degree grinding production line

The man features of the production line: from dry-type environmental protectin,cuttingmachine a line frame autonatically turn a transition line frame set,pius 45 degreesbilateral  grinding  poloshing  mach in e.1  plant  after  the  latestresearch.design,manuturing  out  of  the  polishing  lines.The  performancecharacteristscs  of  the  production  line 1.the  double  excellent  processingproperties,such as 600x600 to 800x800tiles one-time cut into two,and single,bilateral 45 degree  chamfer  polishing  made.This  feature  greatly  improved  prkductionefficency,labor  costs  cocts  and  maximize  savings; 2.Inaddition,it  easy  tooperate,processing  speed,high.

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