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Single Spindle Mosaic Tile Cutters

LJ-1/600-800 Single shaft full automatic continuous cutting machine is suitable for cut or slot floor tile and stone,itcan cut tile into narrow,square,diamond and so on.Can process the tile from 25-600/800mm to different size in onetime.The characteristic ofthis machine is high accuracy,low broken,big output.

 LJ-1/600-800 Single Spindle Mosaic Tile Cutters, this is a cutting mosaic tile with tile cutter, it is specialized to cut tile strips or mosaics. It can install 7-8 blades on the spindle, which can cut the tile into several strips in one time. For example, cut 800x800mm tiles, it can install 7pcs of blades, and cut into 10pcs of 98x100 strips. The machine mainly is mainly used to cut strips, the width of strips decided by the distance of blades, which can be adjust by spacer and gasket.

Ceramic tile cutting machine


1.The bearing in bearing box is use water-cooling device to make the bearing not hot after long time use,delay thebearing's life.

2. Use high quality bearing supporting the front and behind of the main shaft to make the shaft drive with morehigher precision.

3.  Add manual adjust device in the operative panel to make it drive it more easy.

4.  Cantilever type structure make the machine drive steady with low failure rate.

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Automatic ceramic tile cutting machine