Things To Consider Before Buying A Waterjet Machine

Oct 26 , 2023

Waterjet cutting is a versatile and highly precise method of cutting various materials, from metals and composites to stone and glass. It cuts through materials with exceptional accuracy using a high-pressure spray of water or a combination of water and abrasive materials. There are some important considerations to consider when purchasing waterjet equipment. This article will guide you through the essential considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Application And Material Compatibility

The materials you'll be dealing with should be tightly linked with the waterjet equipment you choose. For example, if you work in the aerospace business and need to cut complicated designs in aluminum or titanium, a machine with a greater cutting pressure may be required. On the other hand, if you're in the business of shaping glass or stone, precision and a delicate touch are paramount. This illustrates how the application directly impacts your choice of machine.

Waterjet Technology For Special Material Cutting

Waterjet Technology For Special Material Cutting

Machine Size And Work Area

The size of the materials you'll be cutting and your available workspace are crucial in selecting the right machine.  Large industrial facilities can support larger heavy-duty machinery, whilst smaller workshops may require more compact ones. Remember that the work area should be large enough not just for the material but also for the operator's comfort.

Precision And Accuracy

The precision and accuracy of a waterjet machine are often measured in terms of tolerances and repeatability. A machine that can maintain tight tolerances is vital for complicated tasks such as aircraft parts or creative works. Look for features like a cutting head with dynamic taper compensation, which ensures precise cuts even on thicker materials.

Pump Type

Intensifier pumps use hydraulic pressure to amplify the water pressure, making them suitable for most applications. However, they require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan. While direct-drive pumps are more efficient and robust, they are often more expensive to purchase. Consider your long-term needs and budget carefully.

Automated Waterjet Ceramic Tile Packaging

Automated Waterjet Ceramic Tile Packaging

Abrasive Delivery System

The abrasive supply system's efficiency is critical for ensuring constant cutting quality. A well-designed system will not only save money on abrasive materials but will also decrease machine downtime due to maintenance. Consider a machine with features like real-time monitoring of abrasive usage to optimize efficiency.

Software And Control System

Your waterjet machine's software and control system have a considerable impact on the simplicity of operation and the speed with which you can move from design to cutting. Modern machines often come with intuitive software that supports CAD/CAM integration, making it easy for operators to create complex cutting paths. A user-friendly interface can help minimize the learning curve for new operators.

Waterjet Machinery For Metal And Ceramic Processing

Waterjet Machinery For Metal And Ceramic Processing

Budget And Cost Of Ownership

Your budget should include not just the initial purchase price but also the continuous operational expenditures. This includes water and electricity consumption, abrasive material costs, maintenance, and potential upgrades. Understanding the total cost of ownership is crucial for financial planning.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when working with waterjet machines. Make certain that the machine you select has all of the appropriate safety measures, such as emergency stop buttons, interlocks, and operator protection systems. The machine should also comply with industry safety standards and regulations.


Purchasing a waterjet machine is a big investment that may have a significant influence on your manufacturing or cutting processes. By considering the above factors, you can make an informed decision and select the right waterjet machine for your business.  As one of the waterjet cutting suppliers, AITAO offers various waterjet cutting machines. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us for more product details!

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